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Excellent Treats, Made With Fresh Ingredients

Your Cosy Corner in Brighton

Cafe Brighton

Cafe in Brighton

Little Sister Brighton – where each day begins with freshly baked, mouth-watering goodness, especially our famous muffins.

Start Your Mornings Off Right

At Little Sister Brighton, we take pride in ensuring that every treat you enjoy is as fresh as the morning breeze. Our muffins, tarts, croissants, and cookies are the talk of the town, baked with love and the finest and freshest ingredients.

Join us for a warm, freshly baked pastries and a perfectly brewed coffee, and start your day with a smile.

Wake Up to Freshness

Breakfast Restaurant Brighton

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Here’s What You Can Expect From Us

Freshness Guaranteed

Daily in-house baking ensures that every bite is as fresh as can be.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Our cosy, friendly space is perfect for relaxing or catching up with friends.

Community Spirit

We foster a sense of community and support local businesses and events.

A Cosy Corner for Everyone

Our cafe offers more than just delicious treats – it's a haven for anyone seeking a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're catching up with friends, enjoying some me-time with a book, or grabbing a quick coffee on the go, Little Sister Brighton is your perfect spot.

Our friendly staff, comfortable seating, and charming decor make every visit special. Come in, relax, and let us treat you to the warmth and comfort you deserve.

We offer dog treats for customers' furry friends, provided with a lot of love. It's all complimentary, ensuring that while you enjoy your meal, your pup gets pampered too.

Your Perfect Spot in Brighton

Cafe Brighton
Coffee Shop Brighton

Enjoy coffee, companionship, and complimentary treats for your furry friends! 

Community and Connection

At Little Sister Brighton, we believe in the power of community. Our cafe is a place where neighbours become friends, and visitors feel like locals. We focus on providing a space that is conducive to fostering connections and creating memories, thanks to our great food and cosy ambience.

Our commitment to the community extends beyond our walls, as we source our ingredients locally and support nearby businesses. Join us and be a part of something special, where every visit feels like coming home.

Where Neighbors Become Friends